Banco Totta Angola's IT management strategy is highlighted by Microsoft



Microsoft has a program called “Consumer Stories”In which it highlights some consumers (companies most of the time) who used Microsoft technologies to increase productivity.

This week the highlight was given to the Banco Caixa Geral Totta de Angola project, which has grown immensely in recent years and, in order to comply with business objectives, the Bank needed update your IT infrastructure. Initially, each branch of the bank operated with a certain degree of autonomy for basic services, in case of network failures or congestion. But that model could not be sustained much longer, since even to make simple changes, such as the new delivery of a PC, resulted in considerable delays, because the software had to be physically shipped to remote agencies.

How to solve this problem?

In partnership with Menshen, the bank decided that it would use Microsoft technologies for the network platform, e-mail service and system management. According to Microsoft's publication, the choice of its technologies was based on the following:

knowledge of Microsoft technologies, a significant lack of support for alternative technologies, and local access to a multi-year, award-winning partner in support of Microsoft technologies, including the availability of Rob Silver, the only Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) in West, East and Central Africa.

After the details were agreed, the bank decided to apply: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2, Windows 7 in all of their work environments, as well as the System Center 2012 Cofiguration Manager R2. As a result, it was able to centralize Active Directory, Exchange, File Services, Elementary SQL Services and line-of-business applications while introducing automation, monitoring, alerting, service delivery, high availability across multiple locations and disaster recovery.

This is further evidence that the corporate market has been gaining more and more attention from large companies and certainly that in the coming times we will see more success stories coming from Angola.

[Source]: Microsoft || [Via]: @Clgon


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