Streaming may be the new way to enter the world of games without spending high


Streaming technology has already achieved its own space in entertainment, especially when it comes to movies and series. However, the next step seems to be towards the world of electronic games. Some companies have begun investing in platforms that can be used for gaming. They transmit, via internet, the configuration of a computer with software and hardware of last generation.
In Angola, according to research conducted by NewZoo, almost 25 million dollars were directed to the universe of games. Country is in list of 100 countries which generated more profit for this industry. Although it still has room for growth, this value already shows the strength and potential in the global market. However, there are still some issues that need to be addressed.

Video games and computer games are often expensive, making it difficult to access. In Angola, which still has a growing economy, the technology market ends up suffering. However, some foreign companies are already starting to suggest cheaper options. The French platform Shadow, for example, bets on the use of streaming to replace high-value equipment.

It functions as a virtual computer in which the screen is transmitted via streaming, that is, over the internet. The user pays a monthly amount, which depends on the region and also the plan, and by any computer can access the device with the latest generation settings. According to the company's own website, the technology uses components that simulate the same power as a newer NVIDIA motherboard.

Winning the web games

The platform works like Netflix, but instead of streaming a movie, it does broadcast from a computer's desktop. The technology is new and therefore is still restricted to only a few countries. The main point is with the internet, since it takes a high speed and without much latency. So it's normal for this kind of program to take some time to gain more space and work perfectly.
Video game market owners are increasingly betting on virtual services. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have virtual markets and subscriptions and are making physical games increasingly rare. The idea is to digitize almost everything - in a little while until the console itself.

This idea of ​​using the internet as a form of transmission for games is gaining space in different areas. Casino games, such as the Betfair portal, are increasingly investing in making the web House of apostas. They are technologies that allow you to watch games, while giving the quote in real time. These changes generate a different dynamic for those seeking innovation.

Another clue that Internet gaming is the future comes from Google. The US company seems increasingly interested in this market, and can even bet high on streaming technology. Being a giant of this scenario, it would be a surprise if such a platform did not start to gain a better development. However, it is still early to understand and plan the future of the mix between streaming and electronic games. The certain thing is that the user must win, even for the most price.


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