Education in Angola with special connectivity prices


The pandemic situation has made educational institutions adapt even more to distance learning, but unfortunately it is not a reality for everyone. ITA is available to support schools and universities to create the necessary conditions for connectivity between their teachers. and your students.

ITA - Internet Technologies Angola, announced today that it has prepared special conditions for connectivity services in order to support the education sector in Angola, so that teachers and students can easily connect through online platforms.

Aware of the needs that the sector has to adapt to distance learning, ITA created a special connectivity package that includes internet with a dedicated high performance band of 150 Mpbs both to receive (Download) and to send (Upload) unlimited data and videos .

The tele-teaching environment requires institutions to have connections that allow better connectivity between teachers and their classes in the digital environment, mainly for the sending and receiving of files and videos, over the internet. In large part, schools have more than 50 teachers making video calls simultaneously, each for their own class. Explains the eng. Francisco Pinto Leite, Director General of ITA.

The ITA, which has terrestrial fiber optic and microwave installations in 14 provinces with more than 150 telecommunications towers and a 1.2-kilometer optical fiber network and covers the more than 24 million square kilometers of the national territory with technology most advanced satellite and monitored XNUMX hours a day, it will be responsible for providing a quality and high performance service to the education sector, a key factor for digital inclusion in Angola.

The special package is available in the 14 provinces where ITA has terrestrial infrastructure in optical fiber and microwave, and has no expiration date.


  1. There are a lot of good people willing to see this country going, unfortunately there will be an arrogance on the part of the competent entities, in order to make the project a reality.
    Angola and Cuba at the inauguration of brand new PCs, seconds after the act old PCs were replaced, these attitudes leave the country below what is already found comrades

    Congratulations to # ITA.Ao for the project well
    Angola of Angolans who want to win

    ............................................. ..


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