Mobile telephony: Angola Telecom to invest in 4G network


In recent times, Angola Telecom has sought to address the “service improvement”That the company provides and that it will provide when it is fully functioning as the third mobile phone operator in the country, and for that, the company already addresses the launch of 4G connectivity.

During a press conference about the company's 27 anniversary, Angola Telecom has announced that it will invest around 4 1 billion Kwanzas to implement the 4G standard, before proceeding with the process of partial privatization of the public company.

This information was advanced by the new management committee of Angola Telecom, and the first five provinces have already been chosen for the implementation of the 4G network of angola Telecom, we are talking about: Luanda, Cabinda, Benguela, Huíla, and Huambo.

Also during the press conference, it was confirmed what was already said by the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies José Carvalho da Rocha, the process of privatization of the company is planned for 2019, and the process of valuing assets and assets is currently underway.


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