Tesla and Electric Cars, a brief summary of recent history


The history of electric cars comes from 1996, when General Motors launched its first electric car, the "General Motors EV1”(Or as it may be called EV1, Saturm EV1, or even GM EV1) from 1996 - 1999, 1.117 units were produced.

After GM abandoned this project, from 2003 - 2004 it collected all cars from the market, most of them were destroyed and some donated to museums and universities.

It was there that Elon Musk saw the opportunity and bet on this electric car market, as he himself wrote on his twitter.

"Few people know that we started Tesla when GM forcibly collected all electric cars from customers in 2003 & then crushed them in a junkyard"

And in 2008 Musk presented to the world the "Tesla Roadster".The practice leads to perfection, and Tesla is to be congratulated on what it has been showing so far about its electronic cars.


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