The Current State of Information Technologies In Angola - Suggestions for Improvement


In Angola there is a great concern in acquiring technology, and in what refers to Information and Communication Technologies, we always have the latest in the market: LTE Systems, the newest version of SAP Systems, Servers and Databases iPods, iPhone's, iPad's, finally iTudo of last generation.

However, we still have many deficiencies in implementation, because many of the systems are installed poorly, we lack personnel to use certain available technologies, so the technologies are operated mostly by foreigners. We do not invest correctly in Development, although there are some good initiatives, the market is very turned in to buy, little development that exists is purely academic with very little market space.

Suggestions for Improving the Current ICT State in Angola

1. Increased investment in Education

  • Improvement of the teaching of Applied Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry), through the training of teachers, rehabilitation and massification of the use of laboratories, etc.
  • Creation of educational programs to encourage the teaching of basic technologies, taking into account the use of existing options such as the Media Library.
  • Promotion of new forms of interaction with applied sciences and technologies, with the promotion of fairs, competitions, etc.
  • Recognizing that we have made great progress through the expansion of the school network, the creation of new universities, and literacy programs among others, we should point out that education is the basis of all social development.

2. Valuation of Tables and National Products

  • Creation of Legislation that protects the national workforce, without jeopardizing the competitiveness and freedom of contracting companies.
  • Implementation of programs for the nationalization of skilled labor, with rules and deadlines defined mainly in the private sector, because there are areas that are practically an expatriate monopoly. Safeguarding the notion that although external aid is needed it should be supportive rather than grounded.
  • Improvement continues with the aim of professionalizing the national frameworks in the field of the main technologies of the market, instead of importing "consultants".
  • Ex: We have many IT Engineers, but very few SAP specialists (leading Management software for large companies)
  • We have many Telecom Engº, no specialist in WCDMA or LTE (major Technology of the next generation of Cellular).
  • Improving copyright and intellectual property legislation, as well as encouraging the production and consumption of technologies and national software

3. Incentive to Culture Development Vs Consumer Culture

  • Promotion and Incentive tax national or foreign companies that seek to develop technology rather than just acquire it
  • Implementation of public-private partnerships to encourage technological development. Laboratory of Company X, at school Y.
  • Junior Technologies Program in universities
  • Study of the impacts and adaptability of the technologies to be acquired in order to maximize their use.

Written by: Pedro Ngalaxi


  1. You can already see that in technological means Angola is at a high level of acquisition of these materials. We have a great lack of staff and technology to support these means that we have acquired. Now I wonder. What to do ? How to make ? What are the ways forward? And I come to an answer. Invest in training, and support institutions. I know that there are many young people who say, "I would like to do this or that", but they do not know the ways to go, and this is worrying. I hope in a few more years to see this situation changed. I also hope that someone publishes, names of academic centers, so that these people know where to go. Fuiiiiiiiii.


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