Third mobile operator: Angorascom starts working on 2021


Recently, the Government, through the order dated 04 of November, authorizes the subconcession of the mobile service of exploitation of the company's Unified Global Title. Angola Telecom, EP for the company Angorascom Telecomunicações, SA.

After this announcement, the information now appears, giving assurance that the third Angolan mobile operator "Angorascom" will start its activities in February 2021 according to the schedule that was delivered to the company. This delivery was made by Presidential Order No. 193/19 and published in Diário da República on November 05th, 2019, using a prerogative contemplated in the Angolan legal framework, and which gives the President of the Republic the possibility of direct award.

This is just one of the steps of the Government's strategy to end the monopoly in the telecommunications sector, the other steps are to buy the stakes of the Oi Unitel, reformulation of the share capital at Movicel, and public tender for the fourth operator.


  1. Hello, good afternoon!
    I took notice, AngoRacom is a telecommunication company, and the same one is recruiting.
    I would like to know what are the areas she is recruiting ……

  2. hello good night, about Angoras recruitment, I know the curriculum should be sent in English, does speaking English be one of the requirements for this recruitment?

  3. It is a good idea to have a new telephone network, as the Angolan telephone network market makes it more competitive with the other existing partners.
    I am very satisfied with this and hope that everything goes smoothly and that there are no flaws in its implementation

  4. It is good to know that we are going to have a third telephone company, and it is already recruiting the staff to be part of its staff. I just didn't understand why they asked for CVs in English. Are they recruiting in Angola?

  5. It comes very respectfully to request Your Excellency, a job vacancy, to assist and contribute in one of the areas of the Institution you run, that is, in the Administrative area or any area that fits my profile.


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