The SE, before an electronic security company of the group Securitas expands its services


A SE - Specialized Solutions is an Angolan company that has provided services since the year of 2008. In 2018 after undergoing internal restructuring has bet on the expansion of its services in new technologies.

SE Solutions

A SE has its main expertise in the area of ​​security systems solutions which encompass:

  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

The bet on the technology market began with the implementation of a proprietary GPS platform, GPSE, which allows its customers to monitor vehicles, mobile phones or even children through the web, in addition it has specialized consulting services in DataCenter solutions , in the implementation and maintenance of E-mail Servers, File Sharing Server, High Availability Computer Services, Networking, Storage and Backup, has recently launched two new platforms to WHSE and CLOUDSE , the first one portal selling site services, WEB hosting and domain registration, the second a platform for selling Cloud storage services with the possibility of creating a free account of 1Gb of available space.

A SE adopts the concept of proximity to the client, believes in the personalized relationship, always looking for the establishment and maintenance of lasting partnerships, the SE has stood out in the market for its responsibility in delivering results to its customers, allowing the client to enjoy all the benefits of implementing the technologies.

Integration in Group of Companies

We are part of a group of companies, of which we highlight the ones that focus on security:

  • Securitas SAE SA - has Human Vigilance as its activity area.
  • Securvalue SA - has as its activity area the Transportation of Securities service.