Twitter announces function similar to Instagram stories


Twitter announced its own version of Stories, a function already present in the main social networks in the world, now with the name “Fleets”. Brazil will be the first to have this type of content available, and unlike other social networks, they cannot receive likes, responses or shares.

The aim of not fully sharing Fleets is due to the fact that users are uncomfortable with the public nature and scope of sharing. The user can thus show what he is thinking only to his followers, without fully exposing the information in his profile. As in other cases, after 24 hours the publication disappears.

How to use Twitter Fleets

First, it is important that your Twitter has the latest version installed.

  • To create a fleet, just click on the circle with your photo and a “+” sign;
  • Another way to add a fleet is to access your profile and click on your profile photo. Note that it will have a gray outline, which refers to the Fleets icon.
  • The next step is to write your 'fleet'. It is possible to add, in addition to texts, GIFs, images from the gallery and photos taken from Twitter itself. After adding the content, just click on "Fleet", highlighted in white and blue.
  • Once published, the user can see how many people viewed his fleet, as well as being able to turn it into a tweet and publish it on his profile. User can also delete it, if they prefer.

Rumors indicate that Twitter is also developing a new tool to give users more control to determine the audience, but these are tests that have not yet started.


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