Unitel bets on conference on investments in Startups


A startup offers an entirely new product or service. Sometimes, they create previously unknown markets, increasing income opportunities and job creation. Although some startups have shown their potential for solving socio-economic problems, the problem is that it is not always possible to obtain funds through traditional means to support their initiatives. Investments in startups are considered risky, as we are not sure of the public's acceptance. Not to mention the common inexperience among entrepreneurs who venture into the middle.

In recent years, Unitel has invested heavily in national startups, holding several contests such as “Unitel IoT"And"Unitel Go Challenge”Thus allowing to leverage national startups, but apparently the company decided to bring together investors to address investments in startups.

UNITEL will hold an online conference on January 15th Investor's Club, aimed at entrepreneurs, potential investors and startups in Angola. It is a forum for discussing topics related to investment in startups, entrepreneurship, international trends and emerging industries.

What will be covered at this conference? 

The purpose of this conference is to discuss topics such as: International Trends and Emerging Industries /Trending, Factors of Decision Making, Legislation of Startups, Investment Vehicles in Startupsif Investors in the Eyes of a Startups. With this event, UNITEL intends to break taboos, encourage investment in Startups and reiterate support for entrepreneurship, and the Angolan digital ecosystem.

Who can participate and how to participate?

The event is open to everyone who has any interest in the subject, if you are interested in learning more about these issues regarding investments in startups, you must register by clicking here.


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