The 3 best distance universities that operate in Angola


Around the world the Distance learning it has grown at a very fast pace, even in countries of the so-called “third world” such as Brazil, where today 1 in 73 Brazilians study at a distance. Due to the advances in ICT's most of the largest and most recognized universities now offer undergraduate, graduate and even doctoral courses online.

One of the advantages of this new form of teaching is the possibility that the trainee has to study where and when to find more comfortable, being able to be in any part of the world needing only to be connected to the Internet. So, this education system soon arrived in Angola and in this article you will find three online universities that I considered to be the best that work in Angola.


UCB is the sixth best private higher education institution in Brazil, and 2004 created UCB - Virtual as the branch in charge of the Distance learning. In 2006, he established a partnership with the Don Bosco Salesian College in Angola, UCB - Virtual already has two on-site support centers in Luanda and Dondo.


You will have the freedom to choose the course that best fits you, since UCB - Virtual has a very varied offer, which ranges from Administration, HR Management, Tourism, Education and even Philosophy! As the Less wires is a blog about technology I will highlight here the courses of Technology in Analysis and Development of Systems, Management of Information Technology and Technology in Information Security. You like it, right? And there's more! These courses can be done in two and a half years, that is, in 5 only semesters.


As for tuition fees, UCB - Virtual is the cheapest of the three universities I present in this article. For the academic year 2012, the monthly fee is 210 USD per month, an acceptable price in relation to those practiced by on-campus universities.


The offices of the UCB - Virtual in Luanda are located at the Instituto Superior Dom Bosco, in the Palanca neighborhood, Sanatório street near the Catholic University of Angola. And in the province of Kwanza Norte at the Don Bosco Vocational Training Center, Dondo's mini-center.


A AIEC is the best known among Angolans. According to information I have collected on your site, the International Association for Continuing Education (AIEC) is the main online program for Administration in Brazil, and one of the best in the world. With the most competent management professors and an exclusive distance learning methodology.

What makes this faculty so special is that it offers only one undergraduate degree: Administration. For this reason they have become "experts" in the field, their teaching system is ISO 9001 certified - International Quality Certification.


As I mentioned above, AIEC offers only one undergraduate degree, but it also has postgraduate MBA courses in Fundraising and MBA in Finance.


The monthly fee at AIEC is a bit more "pulled" than the first, the tuition fee in the 2012 school year is 246,40 USD (24.600,00 AKZ). A price that is already approaching the tuition fees of the cheapest universities in Luanda.


The AIEC support center in Luanda is located in the premises of the Instituto Superior Politécnico Alvorecer da Juventude - ISPAJ, in the Nova Vida Project.


AWU is an American university of international scope, created a Latin American division based in Brazil responsible for the Portuguese speaking countries. At 2008, AWU signed a cooperation agreement with Agostinho Neto University for joint distance and distance education programs for Angolans, Brazilians and other Portuguese-speaking citizens.
Both UCB - Virtual and AIEC are allowed to act in Angola, but AWU went further because of this agreement, the certificates passed by this university are automatically recognized by UAN, this does not mean that other universities are not but the AWU process is simpler.


This is the university that offers the largest number of courses, undergraduate, postgraduate (specialization), masters, doctorate, postdoctoral and university extension. To view the complete list of courses visit the AWU


The monthly tuition fee at AWU is the most expensive of all presented here, the monthly cost of the undergraduate courses for 2012 is 280 USD, costing the same as a face-to-face university in Luanda.


AWU's offices in Luanda are located in Maianga, Marien Nguabi street, No.912 - Terreo and in Viana, at Av. Deolinda Rodrigues, Vila Nova.


Distance Learning is now an option to consider, especially for professionals who no longer have time to be in a classroom. The advantages are numerous, nothing better than studying at your own pace in the comfort of your home or anywhere else you prefer, as well as being a good opportunity to upgrade your curriculum without having to interrupt your job, as is the case with ICT professionals who are always on “projects”.

And you, reader? What do you think of Distance Learning? Do you know other online universities that operate in Angola? Write a comment below providing your opinion, hint, suggestion or telling your own experience.


  1. I put AIEC at the top of the three, not because I am a student at that educational institution anymore, due to the quality of the content offered, the methodology of its teaching and the international accreditation.

    • Very good Manuel… I also think AIEC is outstanding, I have already had contact with them and “Customer Support” is much better than any other. Another great quality in them is the organization… the big problem is the lack of variety in the offer of courses, for this reason UCB - Virtual is more “famous”.

  2. AIEC is above three, as Manuel Vumi said. I also had a somewhat negative point of view about AIEC, but now and due to the fact that I have some family members who have already passed through this institution and now carry a lot of baggage of knowledge resulting from the quality of the academic productive fabric of this institution, I have another point of view and I already think strongly about studying at AIEC in the next academic year 2013.

    Hugs to all

    • I agree with Vumi's comment, not only for being my classmate but also for the content, dynamics. Furthermore, the subject is so demanding that many ended up giving up. At AIEC, teachers and tutors are very demanding.


      • It is true that the tuition at Aiec is a bit of a stretch, almost the same as the face-to-face universities in Angola, but Aiec has a quality far superior to the face-to-face here in our market and I speak from experience because I have studied at two different Universities Upra, Gregorio Semedo and now I'm at Aiec. Due to the quality of the course, I would dare say that the price is even a bargain, it is understood why Aiec has the international quality certificate.

        • Good afternoon brother, I would like to know about the recognition of these studies here in Angola, can you help me? I am interested in pursuing a master's degree at the same university

          • This is how it is in Angola: it has recognition for studies at that University and neither does it. The services sometimes say yes and sometimes they say no and then they don't know what to do.

    • I see that we have many AIEC students here, I thank you for your participation.

      Gildo Cruz, this often happens, people do not realize the idea that it is possible to study at a distance. The friend Gerson Luis explained about this in his comment: “like everything that is new and unknown, people show great resistance to face, live and practice, this new form of social experience”… well said!

      Manuel Vumi, you are absolutely right, it is not easy and the worst thing is that we (students) make things difficult…

      José Neto also touched on an interesting point, many people even give up!

    • My dear friends, I would agree that the first one would go down and AIEC and AWU would go up in parallel, for the following reasons.
      1. AIEC - It was the school that graduated me and today, without fear of making mistakes, I feel like a great professional in Administration, able to meet with graduates from any University in the World, this is and will always be a reference.
      2. AWU - It is the school I am attending at the Master's level, it is an unparalleled experience, with quality and requirements similar to those of AIEC and has an added value due to the fact that its University, different from AIEC which is a Faculty. AIEC is offering only the Administration course and at the undergraduate level and AWU offers several courses, being more valuable for those who intend to take a different course in Administration - Even though I think Administration is the most strategic and promising course for the XXI century.
      3. The other one I tried…

      • Hi Gustavo! Tell me what the AWU is like? I have now finished AIEC and I am looking for an institution of equal or higher quality to do the master's degree. How long is the master's degree at AWU. How much is the tuition fee?

  3. The question of studying online, at first, like everything that is new and unknown, people demonstrate great resistance to face, live and practice, this new form of social experience. Thus, studying online does not escape the rule of human behavior of resistance to the new and different, according to behavioral psychology.

    However, when it comes to the three institutions of distance higher education mentioned in the article in reference, it brings us a deep reflection of what we want to do with Angola today and tomorrow, when Brazil's best online education institution for its diploma is recognized, does it cause so many barriers and excessive bureaucracy ?! Distance learning is not new in Angola, because in the era of Portuguese colonization, distance learning was already being studied for Portugal, the metropolises of that time! As an example, it was the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Venâncio de Moura, who studied distance, in the district of Carmona, currently in the province of Uíge.

    Therefore, there is an urgent need to elaborate the Laws on distance learning and thus allow the insertion of other higher institutions around the world that want to teach their courses to Angolans!

    However, on institutions and their curricular capacities, efficient administration, communication and available technologies, institutional support, teaching and decency, rigor in the evaluation and monitoring of students, without fear of making mistakes at AIEC, uses the most refined and modern methods of teaching- However, I know several people trained at UCB-virtual, who have academic “baggage” to fill the eyes of any student in the world!

    Therefore, what should be done is to always improve and update teaching methods, approaching the major universities in well-managed countries, to add substantial value to trainees and the online education institution.

    However, there is an urgent need to inspect the institutions in the country, to demand from their management that they comply with the stipulations in their letters of legal presentation delivered on the day of their recognition in the country.

    • Thank you very much for your contribution Gerson…

      In conversation with Profa. Cibelly (Director of Polo Angola - UCB) learned that the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology has already been forming partnerships (including with UCB) for the application and regulation of distance learning in Angola. The problem is that higher education in Angola itself is still lagging behind and it is practically impossible to implement distance education (which requires a lot of organization and discipline) over our current system.

      So the fight for now is to align the existing higher education system so that it is in the same standards practiced internationally and only after investing in distance education. The worst is that we don't know how long this will take!

  4. Many think that studying online is an easy task. I say no!
    Studying online requires a lot of discipline. Good content, good methods, etc., will not do any good if the student is not disciplined (organized, dedicated, pasciente, collaborative, communicative and demanding with himself).
    Anyone like me in this world certainly agrees with me.

    • Dear Manuel,
      Nothing more right! Before I started to attend one of these distance courses, I was also very reticent about distance learning, however, after three semesters I am of a different opinion. I am an AIEC student, I cannot say that AIEC is better than the others since I have never had contact with the content taught by others, however, I say that we are well served from the point of view of content, technical support and student assistance. In order for all of this to result in gains, it is necessary for the student to strive to the maximum and must be very disciplined, here there is no place for ´´molengões “or those who just walk behind a straw! Here whoever wants to graduate will have to sweat a lot.
      Thank you.

  5. manuel completely agree with you requires appropriate time to study and you are not only obliged to constantly study more theory and less expensive practice

    • I recommend AIEC university for the quality of its services, it is a university specialized in training administrators, I say that because I am a student at that university.

    • For us workers, we are no longer looking for something that takes away the little time we already have or q cause us a lot of headache.

  6. I hope that AIEC will continue to solidify more and more the tradition that is characteristic of it, in terms of teaching quality, just like the other online education institutions in Angola. Almost a week I was also selected as a new AIEC student , for the academic year 2013 as a result of the entrance exam done on October 20, 2012. I want to congratulate all those selected, who will now become my colleagues and encourage those who unfortunately were not selected. My word for these is: persist always and never retreat from your goals, it is not because a swallow dies that spring ends, my mother said.
    To all AIEC students at the Angolan campus, I wish them success and make every day, in terms of your training, a good name to enhance and maintain the quality of this brilliant unique educational institution.

  7. Don't get me wrong, aiec says he has good teachers, I think it's only in administration.
    how is an international institution going to have only one course?

    • André,
      AIEC is geared only to Administration, so they do their job well because they are specialists in the field.

      Of the three, which would be the best university in your opinion?

  8. Dear Readers of the blog Menos Fios,

    We are pleased to be following your participation in this publication on distance universities in Angola. We make ourselves available through our service channel, [email protected], for information about our institution and undergraduate course in Administration.

    We also invite you to read the interview of Mr. Benedito Paulo Manuel - Manager for Integrated Strategic Planning and New Business at Sociedade Mineira Catoca - Angola - Africa and a student graduated from the AIEC Faculty

    A hug,
    AIEC Faculty Team

  9. Angolans, AIEC and UCB seem credible to me and I believe they can be called Universities.
    AMERICAN WORLD UNIVERSITY (AWU) - My dear compatriots go to the site or better consult Wikipedia and then comment. This is not even recognized in the USA, but also in the vast majority of countries. Call it what you want, except University. Do not waste your expensive money.
    And what amazes me most is knowing that an institution like UAN, has recognized it. What a shame. Tell me who you are with… /…

  10. Dear internet users!
    Still about the best online universities.
    I am proud to have been an AIEC student. The four years I attended administration provided me with a range of knowledge about the area that is to be envied.
    The methodology is the most expeditious that is recognized today, competent teachers and many dedicated to their work and many of them trained in administration, in their most diverse areas.
    The contents are made available online, and the student must download them to his computer or simply print and file them in folders for later consultations.
    Case Studies, as a mechanism to combine theory with practice.
    I thought it was fantastic and I recommend anyone who wants to graduate in business to go to that higher education institution. You will not regret it.
    In February we will participate in the collation, so it will be a unique moment in my journey.
    There, students do not have to complain about anyone, as in the face-to-face universities. Either study, solve and exercise and do tests with grades above 7 or fail.
    There is no way for gaseous, or pampering between anyone. It requires above all discipline and personal organization.

  11. As far as American university courses are not published why?

    And with respect to the same as the tests are done?

    ENADE the tests are only done in Luanda or to another province?

    Without further discussion for the moment I expect your approval.


  12. I am an AWU student and I recommend this University to all futurists. Therefore, AWU has an organizational structure and teaching methodology that places it not at its peak, but in a leadership position in this teaching modality. It is important that societies realize that the world is moving, from Albert's theory of relativity, to compress time and space, which impels men to research and choose to save time and space.

    Also know, my dear ones, that distance learning is the genesis of the school of the future, a school in which the student will sit in a desk chair, put on a headset and be teleported to a virtual room with all the teaching-learning mechanisms . We are talking about a world in which a chip will be placed in your brain that contains all the information a pilot needs for the exercise of his profession. We are talking about a world in which large corporations offer a wide variety of online training and where many conferences are held by professionals in different corners of the world, at the same time.

    This is the world that started with the virtual era and in which anyone who does not want to wake up to the progress for which the great thinkers set out will be old-fashioned, ridiculed and disreputable, with the same stereotype that visualizes our march forward. Realize this, my dear.

  13. my brothers Aiec, undoubtedly obeys the International standards, as we have already read our Amgo q was there, Gregorio Semedo and came to aiec thinking that relax my brothers at aiec and even to study, respect the aiec student.

  14. Hello! td friends well liked this distance learning, I'm out of information but let's go. analyzing how it works I don't like to talk much I like to see it and then draw my conclusions.
    thanks see you soon. fuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii …………………………………………………………… ..

  15. Dear friends,
    I am about to apply for university at a distance, but before that I am here in the research process, which guarantees reliability and credibility, so as not to spill the money in one, after the course is regretful.
    I enjoyed reading the comments of Nelson Neto and Manuel Vumi, they are very lucid.
    I want to do a master's degree, which one (universities) do you advise?
    A hug,
    João Simba Langa

  16. Friends,
    After making a comment about the reliability and credibility of Universities operating in Angola from a distance, this morning I received feedback from the illustrious Mauro Yange, with a link from the Catholic University of Brasília, I have visited the site several times, unfortunately, good courses, tell me about my inclination, but only that they are postgraduate courses, I want a master's degree. My desire is to do a master's degree in the field of social sciences and humanities, it would rhyme with my degree (Journalism).
    - At the AIEC Faculty he has business courses.
    - At American World University, I couldn't see the courses, they help me in that sense.
    - FUNIBER with its headquarters at the University has good courses, but I don't know anything about it, someone commenting on FUNIBER.
    Dear friends, I am ready to sign up, help me, with a master's degree.
    A big hug, friends of Science!

    • Dear friend João Simba.
      If you're still interested in AWU, it's simple.
      1. Enter the site -
      2. After the page opens, click on the flag of Angola,
      3. It will be opened - which we call the home of Angola, where to find the box with the title - LEVELS OF COURSES AND CURRICULUM MATRICES
      4. Inside the box with the title - LEVELS OF COURSES AND CURRICULAR MATRICES, the levels will be found and there you choose the level you want to attend, for example if you want to do a Master's degree, click on the word Master and there opens the document that presents the available courses .

      I hope it helped you.

      Too much strength

      • my friends, I am very distressed, and I would like you to help me in a situation, which is the following:
        I graduated in Psychology, and I would like to teach at a distance, and in one of these universities with a partnership in Angola,, but I have tried to look for it but I always find obstacles ... at UCB there is only postgraduate studies, AWU is having some problems with the educational ministry in angola, which already makes me unstoppable, and AIEC has more courses that don't suit me ,,…. I would like you to help me find a university for this…

  17. The digital age or knowledge, enables people to continue their studies in a modality (at a distance), due to the rush that we face today but it is a modality that requires a lot of discipline to achieve success. While the traditional system - face-to-face or dependency, often deforms students who are lazy to study.

    The Catholic University of Brasilia, I recognize and recommend…

    The third distance university is a new one, I never had contact with this and its graduates.

    Each one, make or choose the modality that suits him.


  18. Guys, I attended the Financial Management course at UCB-Virtual and now I am in the Law course at AWU. The methodologies used by the two universities are different.

    At UCB, there is more interaction between teachers and students and the students. The student feels closer to the institution and the teachers. It even gives the feeling of being in person due to the doubt and debate forums, which the teachers answer in record time. The contents are available for free on the university's website.

    At AWU much more responsibility is required from students. The methodology is somewhat similar to that of correspondence teaching. The evaluation is the basis of an intense and challenging scientific production through the elaboration of Critical Reviews and Scientific Articles. There are also Technical-Scientific and Methodological Orientation seminars. The university creates conditions for the student to attend at least two supervised internships, which is an asset. The university facilitates the purchase of books adopted at the price of publishers. So, in the end, you have a library at home.

  19. Hello guys, I'm Pedro Braz Paca, I have a degree in HRM, I'm doing a master's degree in Business Administration by Awu. the university has a good training program I say without fear of making mistakes I will also do my doctorate at this university.

    • Friend Vencislau Armindo Paulo,

      to be able to study at the Catholic University of Brasilia, just consult its SITE - or locate Polo Luanda, at Instituto Superior Dom Bosco next to the Catholic University of Angola or by phone: 914 049 801.

      I hope I contributed.

      Good luck

  20. Guys, I am an employee of the National Customs Service (Angola-Namibia). I was attending my higher education at Fau Gregório Semedo (Lubango), which was later closed for a while and lost the school year, I intend to enter again , but as my job doesn’t make it much easier (time), I would like k to detail me ok to do, how and when to be able to continue my studies, more at a distance, and tell me if this is really serious! results in practice (Gaucho Desiderio costa), get in touch with me from Facebook, thanks

  21. Dear:

    My name is Pascoal João, I was a student at the UAN economics faculty, I studied the first and second semesters and I attended some classes from the 3rd semester because afterwards I discovered that I passed to the 3rd semester and due to my work and my home I had many difficulties to to continue my studies at UAN, so I decided to look for another teaching methodology and ended up finding the UNIVERSIDADE CATOLICA DE BRASILIA - UVB_VIRTUAL through some colleagues who were already graduating from this UNIVERDADE. I want to tell you that it was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I learned what it is to really study with discipline, responsibility, attendance, time management, delivery, dedication, interaction, team spirit, willpower, participation, integration and much more, I discovered and developed many knowledges that were dark in my life, today I am graduated from the Catholic University of Brasilia with one of the best semi-presential teaching methodology (studying at a Brazilian University in Angola) I was last year in March in brasilia in the placement of degree and it was a surprise the number of Brazilians who are being trained by this modality and by this university.

    But this is not the only reason, the truth is that the teaching methodology used surpasses the methodology of many universities in Angola. I had colleagues who have already studied at UPRA, Lusiadas, Gregorio Semedo and other Universities. I do not want to deceive them, but I am talking about people. with successful professional experience that is my case and that in which we have earned the professional respect of many technicians and doctors in our market and some even of international dimension. I recommend UCB-Virtual to everyone, the exams are in person at the center, and the certificate and diploma is the same as in person teaching. Without forgetting that the Catholic University has an international (accredited) reputation and UCB-Virtual is already on TOP MIND in Brazil. As for the other universities, I am also investigating their accreditation and methodology. Hugs and good luck to everyone

    • Correcting the first paragraph to the phrase “because then I found out that I had passed to the 3rd semester” the certain thing is: “because later I found out that I had not passed to the 3rd semester”

      Virtual Hugs

  22. Dear friends and colleagues,

    everything that comes for the good of our PEOPLE is really welcome.

    I finished a POST GRADUATION AT THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF BRASÍLIA - VIRTUAL AND PRESENTIAL TEACHING COURSE IN HIGHER EDUCATION with an average of 9/10 and I am very grateful to the teachers I worked with, colleagues, UCB Board and technical support and also to the critics, because with these very things come to the fore and consequent improvement.

    I cannot choose UCB as the best of the three Universities with this type of teaching, I believe that each one has its advantages and weaknesses.

    UCB has hubs in Luanda, Luena, Dondo, Cabiri (Bengo) and with studies and advanced proposals for opening new hubs.

    At UCB, the average for approval is 7 points and the maximum score is 10 points.

    I am pleased to know that Angolan youth are already looking for the best and best opportunities for their professional growth and that of the country in general.

    For your knowledge, my TCC was based on Higher Education in Angola, from the beginning of the 60s to the date.

    I do not agree with the bad reputation that Angolan youth - is frustrated.

    Well done, our YOUTH.

    • Eduardo and how is the issue of the recognition of the diploma in our market, is it the school that does it or do the students have to go back?

    • hello Eduardo i also want to do a new degree more that is virtual because of my time i would like some tips from you about this university

    • Good afternoon Eduardo. I would like to know where your work was published because I would like to consult it. Thank you so much 🙂

  23. Guys does anyone have any contact from the rectory of these universities? I have an online evaluation system and I would like to make it available for free to institutions that are interested in Angola.
    If you want to see a company you're using to get an idea, go to:

  24. Good morning Dear;
    I am trying to locate a university that operates in Angola in this modality (at a distance) and that has the telecomunicaçao course. Can you help me?
    Is there anything else related to the subject in question that I should know?
    For the first time I am researching this subject, so it is all new to me.


  25. My friends do not judge without proof or based on what I heard, this is a criminal offense. What I advise is to thoroughly research the websites of each of the universities or institutes and make a comparative analysis of programs and teaching methodologies of the same course, that is, to see the differences and similarities, only then, we will make a value judgment.
    I understand that anxiety sometimes causes a certain precipitation.
    Discussing, which is better, criticizing this or that is not healthy.

    BENE NOTE: “Each tree is recognized for its fruits”. J. Cristo.

  26. Good day.
    I want some details about distance learning in a master's degree in entrepreneurship

  27. Good Morning.
    I want to know, everything about distance learning, about courses, how it is done anyway, I need you to clarify everything ,.
    I want to do the master's.

  28. ola!
    I would like to know the duration of the courses at UCB-VIRTUAL.
    if anyone can help me thank you

  29. Very worthy!

    I have a Higher Education in Communication Sciences, done at UnIA. I am now studying Human Resources Management at UCB Virtual (Catholic University of Brasilia), I assure you that the teaching modality is more demanding than the classroom. The minimum distraction is enough to be unsuccessful. The student is advised to go to the classroom on a daily basis because teachers usually leave an exercise. Every day the student has the possibility to ask questions with teachers and colleagues, from Japan, USA, Brazil and Angola. Teachers also guide group work.

    I'm not saying it's the best, but I recommend it. The name already shows seriousness.


  30. I was a student at AIEC. Among the comments exposed here regarding the three best Colleges to be taught in Angola, in fact I can safely say that AIEC has one of the biggest and best teaching methodologies. It has already been said by previous commentators, of the misconception that many people have about distance learning, they think it is all too easy, do you imagine that when I joined AIEC, the class had an average of around 45 students, in the 3rd period was reduced by half, in the 8th. period reduced to 16 students, this in 2009, according to information was the class with the highest number of finalists until that moment. I think, this in my modest way of advising someone interested to have this important experience of semi-classroom teaching, 1st. Enjoying reading, facilitates the course well, 2nd. know the target to reach, 3rd. be disciplined, 4th. enjoy studying and in a group even better, 5th honor with group work, do the exercises all of them, over and over until you get a maximum score, because in doing so, not only do you comply with the stipulations but you assimilate the materials, the motto is, study, study, study and study. Leaving many of the leisures that we were used to achieve a successful goal. I had no experience with any other with this system, for that reason I cannot comment, I speak of AIEC where I had the greatest University experience. I went through other presentials, due to incompatibility of time I was forced to give up, so I can make a more succinct analysis, there is no way to compare, in the Presential you have the endorsement of delaying the materials, “I'm tired, I study tomorrow, not today I go, a series of excuses are made for not studying, in Semi-Presential, you are obliged to study, exercise, interact with group colleagues because of the work, the method is totally different, if a colleague of yours group fails at work, harms the rest of that group, each develops a part of a particular job, so that in the end it can be joined, compiled, distributed, analyzed, corrected, and posted at the specified time, or accompanies or stays back, that is, you give up for not keeping up with the pace that this teaching requires. I am very sorry as our State is still reluctant to validate the AIEC certificate, it is accepted worldwide, in Angola… .They say that some documents are missing to be authorized, the AIEC Secretariat says that all requirements have already been fulfilled , even today they still haven't recognized my certificate.

  31. Anyone who tries to study at AWU will never have reason to speak ill of this University. In none of the aspects of Higher Education and the most current, democratic scope ... ENCOURAGE!

  32. Hello everyone, I'm from Benguela and I would like to have more information or better have access to the administrative staff to talk about postgraduate courses and I can't, I tried to enter the site and nothing! how should I do? please thank you

  33. hello malta I am Edy finalist in Computer Technician specialty, and I am not entirely sure, will you be able to give me information on how to enter or register at a distance school, please !!! nessecito purque I work and will facilitate me.

  34. I read some comments about the 3 online universities that work in Angola and I really liked to know that there are many Angolans studying at a distance.
    I know that there is an American University in which some Angolans also study, it is about BIU, can someone tell me about it?
    Thank you

  35. I am very sad because I found the 1 step that is the registration, that is, on January 5, 2014, and from there I no longer found the 2 step nor if you want to send me an answer via my email. In this house, I need help with everything how and what I need to write to since I need to study at a distance because I have little time because I am taking care of my own business, say something Mauro Jorge you are the solution for my problems.

  36. Hello people,
    I am a finalist student in the administration course at UCBV-Catholic University of Brasília Virtual, in Angola. I do not have information on the two other universities described (AIEC and AWU) in the article above. Now, I can speak about UCBV, because I have been attending it for five years. For those who want to study at a distance and at UCBV you will have to be disciplined with yourself and have the internet available for your studies every day, are the only requirements to be a student at this university. The UCBV's learning environment is conducive to good learning. It has all the essential elements for the student's intellectual and academic development, in addition to the virtual secretariat where the student can see his academic, financial history, etc. It should be noted that the students of the administration course, at the end of their training, will have a career recognized internationally as professional administrators.

    Together with the contacts of the coordinator of UCBV, for Angola: Instituto Superior Dom Bosco - ISDB, Rua Sanatório no number, neighborhood Palanca. Luanda city. Next to Shoprite. Polo Coordinator: Cibelly Regina Gomes Cordeiro, E-mail: [email protected], Telephones for contact: (244) 914 04 98 01 or 926 90 70 33, Office Hours at the Pole: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday: 08h-12h and 14h-18h

    • are the certificates obtained recognized in Angola? can we compete for a public tender with these certificates without hindrance? is it that the certificates are written “Virtual” that suggests that we study the distance? I say this, because the fear is of spending so much effort and values ​​and in the end our government does not recognize us as a superior technician.

      cmpts / regards.


      • Well, that's my concern too. Will these certifications be recognized in Angola?
        After all, financial and energy resources will be spent throughout the distance training space, despite being less worn out and more comfortable. Is it worth it?

  37. Hello people. Studying Online is another level that is nothing more than face-to-face (you lose many hours, teacher absences, students don't doubt everything is complicated). I say this because I am only a student at the Faculty of Engineering at UAN in the Electrical Engineering course in the Telecommunications specialty, and I will also finish my degree at UCB in System analysis and development. Hereby they are loving the good quality teaching at UCB and the teachers are always ready to discard the doubts of the students, I cannot refer here to the others because I do not know what their teaching is like, without a doubt and I believe they are also good . People are just worth trying to take a good quality online course and less training time than a poor quality classroom that we have seen in Angola many of them. ATT

  38. Good night, good friends.
    my main concern is to find out about the case of AWU in Angola. I want to continue with my training but I happen to be afraid of what the end will be. Thanks.

  39. Hello guys, I live in Lubango and I want to do distance learning. at UCB. can someone give me more information ??

  40. AIEC of the Luanda center Do you have a master's degree in the Technological Course in Analysis in Systems Development?

    • Is it possible to do a masters degree in person (Luanda)?
      If so, I need general clarification. Thanks!

  41. Manos, for me the biggest concern doesn’t concern the high fees or high fees charged at the 3 Universities. What worries me, are these something recognized by the Angolan Ministry of Higher Education? Has anyone ventured to take your certificate in this ministry for accreditation and validation and, have you achieved equivalence? ????????????????????

  42. To be strictly honest I have never lived this experience (Studying from a distance) but, it is my intention to achieve this method of study and the comments above show that it is a plus, because in addition to providing more convenience and saving a lot of effort, it is less stressful . At the same time, I wonder if the certification of these virtual institutions (certificates or the like) are recognized by the Angolan Ministry of Higher Education. Please anyone who is enlightened on the subject to tell me.

    Thank you

  43. I graduated in Education Sciences (ISCED), but professional I do not exercise this profession only an employee of the Ministry of the Interior what postgraduate course should I do, to enhance my service

  44. Good afternoon the wireless guys,

    I finished my bachelor's degree in accounting and management, right now I have little time to follow up on a face-to-face college… so, I would like to know from you if it is safe to study at a distance? of the three faculties mentioned above, which one has more organization?

    I await your comments.

    • Dear Carlos. You can go to AIEC or Catholic ...
      I am currently finishing my degree in Accounting at UCB. As many have already said and very well it is very serious in these schools bro.

  45. Good night, beloved ones.

    I would like to know, at the two Universities, UCB and AIEC, which one has taught a course in State Sciences or Political Sciences, at a distance.

    I am, very interested.

  46. Hello I am Leonardo Muquengue, I would like to know if at aieca and ucb you have a master's degree in human resources or educational sciences
    I am interested in taking these courses.

  47. I would like to know if the degrees that these universities award are reliable and accepted anywhere in the world.
    And another, I intend to do a master's degree online at the University of Liverpool UK, I don't know if it's worth it or not, I need ideas.

  48. First of all greetings in the Peace and Love of Christ Jesus.
    Dear friends, I would simply like the contacts of the three post colleges. I am a bit confused and your contacts will help me in a way. Thank you for your attention.

  49. First of all greetings in the Peace and Love of Christ Jesus.
    Dear friends, I would simply like the contacts of the three post colleges. I am a little confused and your contacts will help me in a way. Thank you for your attention. MC

  50. GREETING CARDS. I would like to know if you have distance masters and doctoral courses in psychology for 2015.

  51. How can I do the degree in distance management and in Portuguese
    how long and how are enrollments and fees and how to pay

  52. How to do a degree in Economic Sciences at a distance (Portuguese) how long and how the introductions and fees are made and how to make the payments.

  53. How can I take a course in hospital management at a distance since I have been in management for 10 years with only short training.

  54. With the course of Technologist in financial management by AIEC Can I be a member of the order of accountants in Angola? Help me please I want to take this course.



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