College students create prep app


In Angola there is a great difficulty in accessing entrance exams. A group of students decided to help solve this problem by creating an application that contains several tests from previous years.

There are a total of 15 students, and together they developed the Prepa in quarantine time, an application that aims to help students who intend to enter the university through past exams and all exams will be American or multiple choice.

How to use?

In case it is your first contact with the application, after download for free the user must first create an account, fill in the data and click on "Register" as shown in the image below.

How to access the exams?

Without a doubt, this is the most interesting part, as the purpose of this application is to give students access to possibilities to exercise with some tests from previous years, after having registered their account, the user must access the profile and click on “Universities -> Colleges–> Exams” menu and choose one, only then will you be able to see the tests for that university. as the image below.


To perform the admission tests, in the application time is timed, with the option of choosing answers. The more you have 'excellent' the more points you are more likely to pass your entrance exam.

This application is sure to be an asset for many students in the process of “preparing” to enter universities, if you want to download the application or get more information about it, click here.


  1. Very good, so many will be able to access and it will be easier to study without leaving home, brilliant minds congratulations


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