Uses Internet Explorer, it's probably being watched.


Internet Explorer logoAfter I have written an article speaking very well of the Internet Explorer 10, here comes a bucket of cold water.

A security flaw in Internet Explorer, identified by UK security firm, allows all user cursor movements to be recorded.

Some may wonder how dangerous this can be.

Advertising companies know and take advantage of that ... If you have noticed, many sites survive on advertising money - unfortunately we are not included in that list yet.

How do companies make sure their banners are being viewed (clicked)? Statistics, statistics, statistics.

And what better way to know what users are seeing than to know where the cursor goes? I think not. That's the big problem with Internet Explorer, it allows “third parties” to know where your mouse is on the screen, the rest is history.

The full report from the security company “" Can be seen here.

And so ends another chapter of the soap opera "Insecurity in Internet Explorer".

[Via]: IDG


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