Vodacom Angola has an agreement to sell all its resources and operations to ITA


O Vodacom Group announced today that it has entered into a Internet Technologies Angola (ITA), the largest independent provider of business telecommunications in Angola. Under the terms of the agreement, ITA will acquire the Angolan operations and assets of Vodacom Business Africa. The two entities are in the process of concluding the necessary agreements, which are subject to the approval of the regulatory authorities in these markets. The financial terms of the transaction remain confidential.

The transaction supports the Vodacom Group's business strategy in Africa, which has been redirected to grow and strengthen its core business. It will no longer directly serve global corporate customers in these markets, but will continue to operate as a provider of pan-African telecommunications networks through agreements with local service providers.

This transaction is part of the strategic repositioning announced by Vodacom Vodacom Business Africa which will eventually result in three distinct service provider agreements involving its companies in Nigeria, Zambia, Angola, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire.

Second Shameel Joosub (CEO of Vodacom Group). “Vodacom has a clear vision to strengthen our position as one of the main pan-African businesses and will work with local service providers to grow in these markets. Crucially, Vodacom is not leaving any of the territories related to this transaction and remains focused on continuing to provide exceptional services to our global and multinational customers in these markets through long-term commercial agreements. To support the sustainable growth of pan-African digital economies and build connected societies, Vodacom will continue, through local service providers, to provide services to customers in each market. ”

The new partnership model is more suitable for the digital economy. It will encourage greater local collaboration and position Vodacom as one of the main drivers of economic growth on the continent. It will also provide pan-African customers with the opportunity to access specialized business divisions, such as the Internet of Things of Vodacom, as well as its subsidiary Mezzanine, a provider of solutions for mobile companies and companies.


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