Vodacom to use Google project to expand Internet access in Mozambique


A Loon one of Google’s owner’s units, Alphabet Inc, which uses high-altitude balloons to provide mobile Internet access to remote areas, signed an agreement with Vodacom to expand the network of South African mobile operators in Mozambique and make life easier for the population in areas affected by difficult access to services. .

With the signing of this agreement, Vodacom expand access to the mobile network to Cabo delgado e Niassa, two provinces that have proved difficult to cover in the past due to their size, topography and low population density, the solution to Loon will provide a 4G service compatible with data, voice, SMS e USSD, which will also allow mobile financial services.

The service will be available to any Vodacom user with a standard device enabled for 4G-VoLTE and SIM card. Users will not need to do anything special to connect to the service; they will connect exactly as they would a normal cell tower. In fact, it is unlikely that a user will know that he is connected to the service provided by a large altitude balloon, except that they may have a signal in a location where it did not previously exist.


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