Who are the protagonists of 4ª Industrial Revolution?


What they have in common: Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook); Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk (founders of Airbnb); Lucas Lambertini, Toni Paignant and Mael Leclair (founders of StarOfService); Frédéric Mazzella (one of the founders of Bla Bla Car) or Garrett Camp (one of the founders of Uber)?


They are all young, aged in their twenties or thirties, and are leading the 4ª Industrial Revolution!

Of course, this is just a very short list, there are lots of other protagonists that we could reference. In fact, there is a whole new generation of talent that daily innovates and breaks down barriers, seeking to create positive impacts on society, while helping to generate a demonstrated economic model of success.

It is legitimate to question, then, what are the factors that are making all this success possible, right? According to Jared Kleinert, founder of Synergist, this generation has three things in common, all of them accessible to any of us. The bet:

  1. In a hyperconnected world.

  2. In a business mindset.

  3. In a large-scale collaboration to make rapid progress.

Access and transmission of information through global connections is a powerful tool these days. And this tool was generated by this generation of young entrepreneurs, when they were able to perceive the specific needs of today's society and solve specific problems almost immediately.

Indeed, these young people, called millennials (born between 1981 and 1995) were born in a unique context. And it's almost as if the internet and the digital world were imprinted in their DNA, making it almost impossible for them to conceive of a world without the Internet, without services and products on demand, and without access to services immediately and specifically directed to what they need. And if, somewhere, there is a gap, they quickly seek to solve it and learn more about how best to solve it.

In fact, all the hyper-connectivity created by these young entrepreneurs in the context of the digital revolution favors collaborative relationships that facilitate problem solving in a much faster and more immediate way than if we tried to resolve them ourselves. Knowing how to collaborate, cooperate or work as a team have always been factors identified as a success strategy, however, the millennials took all these concepts further. Replacing competition for collaboration, making access tools accessible to everyone, is the key to a win-win economic system.

This open mentality of inclusive leadership and the availability for constant learning and updating are the key features that make it possible for not to have several years of experience in the curriculum to become an impediment or limitation to success in the business world.

The generation of millennials is, moreover, a creative, intuitive, entrepreneurial generation that is at the same time sensitive to the problems and challenges of society.

It is a generation capable of creating successful solutions, making everyone participate in solving the problem. It is a generation that, guided by three simple questions, manages to change the world: what problem does it have to solve? Who can help you? When are you planning to start?

[Article written by Ana Prata - published in full on MenosFios.com with the same authorization]


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