Windows 10: Next update will be in March of 2017



There is already information to circulate, stating that the Microsoft will release two Windows 10 updates on 2017, the Microsoft products did not detail exactly what features will be part of next year's update.

Apparently, the first update that will be released in 2017 will be called “Redstone 2” which will probably be available in the first quarter of the year. Microsoft has already started testing some new Windows 10 tools with the Windows Insiders, most of the changes are slight so far. Microsoft is still planning to bring a light dimming feature to Windows 10, it could also bring improvements to the Cortana to help bridge the gap between mobile devices and PCs.

Microsoft is also still planning a feature called “HomeHub”For Windows 10, memso serves as an administrator for smart devices, and it is possible that the company could include it in the update scheduled for March.

It is also worth mentioning that on October 26, 2016, Microsoft will hold its exclusive Windows 10 event, where we will be able to know the news that will emerge for next year for this operating system. Let us wait for the event for more information.


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