Windows 10X: Microsoft's New System for Dual Screen Devices


At your annual event of hardware called "Surface event”That happened in New York, the Microsoft announced the expected set of updates for its existing hardware line. The biggest surprise, however, was certainly the announcement of the Surface Neo dual-screen display that will go on sale on 2020. To make this kind of dual-screen device possible, Microsoft has also created a new version of Windows 10: Windows 10X.

A most important thing the user needs to know about the Windows 10X is that it can actually run traditional Windows apps, not just apps from the windows store or apps that you can run over the Internet. Right away, Microsoft apparently sidestepped the huge limitation that made it RT Windows and Windows 10 S such a confusing mess because it will be compatible with the apps you've been using for decades.

The overall design doesn't look so different from Windows 10 that many are probably already familiar with, but it obviously has all the functionality to move apps between devices - or expand them across screens. The device automatically reflows, no matter how the user holds the device. Windows 10X also offers features for the keyboard cover of the Neo, which covers about half the screen and then reveals what Microsoft, for some reason, calls'Wonderbar', common trackpad Interactive

In fact, it can be exclusively for these types of devices: “Windows 10X is the best of Windows 10 created to allow unique experiences on dual-screen PCs with multiple postures”, is the argument of a company line in a new post on blog. But surprisingly, Microsoft dual-screen devices will not be exclusive to Windows 10X


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