ZAP risks a fine of 1.8 USD millions by increasing prices


The operator ZAP which updated the prices of its satellite television packages justifying the devaluation of the national currency, the Kwanza, and changes in the national economy, now risks a fine of 1.8 million dollars.

According to the newspaper Expansion, in its last edition, the operator for violating the current general regime, which prohibits unilaterally increasing prices, can pay a penalty of 1% of last year's billing.

The economic newspaper reports that in the year 2018, the operator ZAP had a turnover of 180 million dollars, and when proceeding to raise prices without endorsement of the sector regulator, The Angolan Institute of Communications- INACOM, the operator is subject to the imposition of a fine of 0.5% of the billing amount to which the non-compliance relates, in accordance with the 3 / 04 Communications Services Pricing Regulation of January. The fine can be aggravated to the maximum double reaching 9%.

INACOM warned the operator not to update the prices of four packages of the distributor of satellite television channels (ZAP), because according to the agency was a violation of the Law. But the operator, even with a warning at INACOM, did not back down. of its decision.


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