Zimbabwe launches its first computer factory


A China helped the Zimbabwe to establish the first computer and laptop assembly plant for the Zimbabwe Technology Company (ZITCO).

China is already an important player in Zimbabwe's technological sphere. In addition to developing facial recognition technology for the country, Chinese funders continue to support state-owned telecommunications companies, including NetOne and TelOne.

TelOne engineer Jeremia Munembe said the expectation is that the center will also create jobs and intensify acceptance of locally produced goods. ”We are also looking for opportunities in which we will work with other small and medium-sized companies and innovation companies in terms of software components. We are looking at several products that power laptops, desktops and ICT devices ”

According to the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Zimbabwe is witnessing an increasing digitization, as evidenced by the increase in active Internet and mobile penetration rates of 58,9% and 88,2%, respectively.


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