Zoom is the most downloaded app during the quarantine phase


The application Zoom it is currently the most downloaded in several countries due to the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. As people are all the time at home, the search for leisure applications and also for social networks has greatly increased.

Zoom is one of the main videoconferencing applications on the market, available for computers and mobile phones. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the platform was largely unknown around the world, but it has been gaining popularity in recent weeks of social isolation in several countries, surpassing 200 million users at the end of March.

The great argument of Zoom as a videoconferencing app is the fact that it has a much higher capacity of participants in each call and exceeds WhatsApp, which supports only four people simultaneously, in Zoom up to 100 users can participate.

 The main features of Zoom:

  1. Individual meetings
  2. Group video conferences
  3. Screen Sharing

The free level allows unlimited individual meetings, but limits group sessions to 40 minutes and 100 participants. Paid plans start at $ 15 per month per host.

Throughout the world, the platform created by Yuan has been useful for conferences, product presentations, meetings and distance classes, ranging from dance to schooling. Several corporate, political offices, as well as some television program readings have been using the platform.

The application is available in free format and is available for Windows, Android and iOS.


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